Hannah Wilke


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One Car Just Ain't Enough
These Days,1964
pastel and charcoal on paper
14 x 11 inches

Untitled, early 1960s
charcoal and ink on paper
24 x 18 inches

Intra-Venus Tapes, 1990-1993

Intra-Venus Tapes, 1990-1993

February 19, 1992: #6 from
, 1992-1993
Performalist self-portrait with Donald Goddard
chromagenic supergloss prints
47 1/2 x 71 1/2 inches

April 1988 from B.C. Series,
watercolor on paper
76 x 55 3/4 inches

Support Foundation Comfort, 1984
installation view of south gallery

Geo-Logic 4 to One from Generation
Process Series
, 1980-82
acrylic on ceramic and wood
48 x 48 x 3 inches

Rosebud, 1976
latex and metal snaps
24 x 92 x 8 inches

S.O.S. Starification Object
, 1974
Performalist self-portrait with Les Wollan
one of 35 black and white photographs
in the Mastication Box, a game box with
photographs, chewing gum sculptures,
playing cards, instructions for play

Franklin'sTomb, Philadelphia, 1975
kneaded eraser and postcard on board
16 x 18 inches

Untitled (phallus) 1960s
partly glazed ceramic
7 x 2 x 2 inches


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