Ameri©an [email protected]: A Survey

Group Show

Feb 21 – Apr 04, 2003

David Opdyke

Electioneering, 2001


Jo Amrehein
Jim Anderson
Ida Applebroog
Diane Arbus
Homer Avila
Xenobia Bailey
Chris Burden
John White Cerasulo
Ken Chu
Nancy Chunn
David Clarkson
Chuck Close
Heidi Cody
Adam Cohen
Jane Comfort
Keith Cottingham
Renee Cox
Drew Dominick
Todd Downing
Chris Doyle
Christopher Draeger
Sandi DuBowski
James Duesing
Dyke Action Machine! (DAM!)
Sam Easterson
Tom Friedman
Carl Fudge
Rico Gatson
Jack Goldstein
Leon Golub
Richard Hambleton
Tana Hargest
Headlong Dance Theater
Christine Hill
Jenny Holzer
Dan Hurlin
Tom Jezek
Anne Joseph
Eduardo Kac
Nina Katchourian
Komar & Melamid
Nikki S. Lee
David Levinthal
Ellen Levy
Mark Lombardi
Miguel Luciano
Jennifer McCoy & Kevin McCoy
Beverly McIver
Annisa Mack
Bjørn Melhus
Tracie Morris
Robyn O'Neil
David Opdyke
Pepón Osorio
Tom Otterness
Guy Overfelt
Roxan Paine
Bruce Pearson
George Petty
Paul Pfeiffer
Jane Philbrick
William Pope L
Yvonne Puffer
Reynold Reynolds and Patrick Jolley
Erika Rothenberg
Amelia Rudolf
Eward Ruscha
Jason Salavon
David Scher
Edwin Schlossberg
Dread Scott
Paul Schambroom
James Sheehan
Todd Siler
Mike Peter Smith
Eddo Stern
Mierle Laderman Ukeles
Chris Verene
Gordon Voisey
Andy Warhol
William Wegman
Allan Wexler
Hannah Wilke
Michael W. Wilson


Ameri©an [email protected]: A Survey is a large-scale exhibition of more than fifty artists at the Feldman Gallery and a nearby location. The exhibition includes established and less recognized artists whose work unfolds against the unique background of current American culture. The exhibition includes painting, sculpture, installation, photography, film, video and the Internet, reflecting the variety of tools available to contemporary artists.

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Keith Cottingham

Ficticious Portrait (Triple), 1993

Keith Cottingham

Ficticious Portrait (Triple), 1993

Andy Warhol

Newsprint Sculpture, New York Post Headliner, Oct. 24, 1983

Anne Joseph

September 11, Brooklyn, 2001

Beverly MicIver

Molly Resting With Her Favorite Mammy, 1998

Chris Burden

If You Fly-If You Drive, 1973

Chuck Close

Untitled (President Clinton), 1996

Dan HUrlin

The Home of Bill and Sandy Kelly, 2000

David Frederix Clarkson

Cheyenne Mountain, CO, 2001

David Levinthal

Untitled from the series Wild West, 1996

David Opdyke

Aviation Agglomeration, 2001

David Opdyke

Electioneering, 2001

David Scher

Time Starts Now, 2002

Drew Dominick

Ganada Geese, 1999

Edward Ruscha

Main Street, 1990

Edward Ruscha

Miracle, 1999

Edwin Schlossberg

Force Defines, 2002

Ellen Levy

Missiles + Monuments, 2002

Erika Rothenberg

Another Century of Progress, 1999-2000

George Petty

Esquire, April 1935, p.31 ("Oh yuh would, would yuh"), 1935

Dread Scott


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