Group Show

Apr 12 – May 12, 2018


at Ronald Feldman Gallery


Rostan Agala
Ofri Akavia
Judy Chicago
Ayana Friedman
Regina Jose
Nechama Golan
Mitch Lewis
Shosh Kormosh
Judith Weinshall
Ella Lieberman-Shiber
Boris Lurie
Haim Maor
Naomi Markel
Anat Massad
Mary Mihelic
Dvora Morag
Nezhnie (Muriel Helfman)
Halina Olomucki
Zeev Porath (Wilhelm Ochs) Ochs (Porath)
Manasse Shingiro
Hana Shir
Li Shir
Nancyg Spero
Linda Stein
Yocheved Weinfeld
Gil Yefman
Racheli Yosef
Safet Zec
Dvora Zelichov


This trailblazing exhibition includes 47 cutting-edge works on sexual violation by 30 American, Israeli, and other artists. They include Rostan Agala, Ofri Akavia, Judy Chicago, Ayana Friedman, Regina José Galindo, Nechama Golan, Mitch Lewis, Shosh Kormosh, Judith Weinshall Liberman, Ella Liebermann-Shiber, Boris Lurie, Haim Maor, Naomi Markel, Anat Massad, Mary Mihelic, Dvora Morag, Nezhnie (Muriel Helfman), Halina Olomucki, Zeev Porath (Wilhelm Ochs), Rachel Roggel, Manasse Shingiro, Hana Shir, Li Shir, Nancy Spero, Linda Stein, Yocheved Weinfeld, Gil Yefman, Racheli Yosef, Safet Zec, and Dvora Zelichov

The exhibition includes Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman’s Double Jeopardy (half-scale) from their Holocaust Project: From Darkness into Light, as well as two works each by Holocaust survivor artist Boris Lurie and feminist artist Nancy Spero. Joining these internationally known names, there are artists from Israel, the United States, and other countries, including victims, their close relatives, witnesses, and concerned others. All of these important artworks on sexual violence during the Holocaust and later genocides are the artists’ poignant reactions to what women suffered. The representations about later genocides and ethnic cleansings in Bosnia, Darfur, Eritrea, Guatemala, Iraq, Nigeria, and Rwanda echo the horrors that some women experienced during the Holocaust.

For more information please visit Remember the Women Institute

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Aghala Rostam

Daesh molested the girls (Yazidian Girls), 2015

Aghala Rostam

Daesh molested the girls (Yazidian Girls), 2015

Boris Lurie

Untitled (Corset with Stars of David), 1982

Mitch Lewis

The Wood Gatherers, 2010

Safet Zec

Cry, 2003

from Tears Cycle

Gil Yefman

Sex Slave, 2008

Hana Shir

from the series Needle in the Eye, 2006-07

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