Eric Dyer Moving Pictures: An Interview with Eric Dyer

Glassworks Oct 09, 2014

Upon first glance, you may realize that there is something inherently different about Eric Dyer’s animations. It’s not quite clay animation, yet not quite digital animation, either. So what is it? Rarely does an artist present a new medium quite like Dyer. His work aims to explore the animation styles developed before the invention of film. Using a zoetrope, a cylindrical device of rotating static images, Dyer brings his sculptures and images to life. Upon exploring his installations and videos, you will come across a word you can’t Google: cinetrope. Eric’s unique way of blending antiquated technology with 3D printing and handmade 2D paper cut-outs spawned a new film medium; a sculpture/machine he calls the "cinetrope."  

In this interview, Dyer discusses his drive to work with old cinematic technology, as a way to “reclaim 'trash' and to memorialize a disappearing medium.” He also explains the active role of the viewer in his animations, sheds light on the music composition side of his work, and reveals how he pushed through waves of uncertainty and setbacks to bring us something truly innovative.

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