McCarren/Fine And/Or

Artillery Mag Nov 19, 2016

"Jud Fine and Barbara McCarren’s And/Or show at the University Art Museum, Cal State University Long Beach channels us toward Keats’ notion of negative capability, or a fertile surrender to paradox and uncertainty, by way of two colliding currents. One induces nostalgic reverie with emblems of childhood and domesticity, and the other a likewise agreeable trance through reiterations of a clear formal aesthetic. We are lulled along both routes by the charms of conceptual clarity, cultural familiarity, and repetition as respective proxies for knowing, experience, and evidence. Where the currents cross and can no longer carry us forward, we can choose to hold fast to systematicity or sentimentality and tread in circles, or we can plunge into the murk of their shared referent, i.e., the continental edge, which is neither an object nor a state, but a harbor of infinite possibilities for coalescence through generative opposition."

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