Cassils 2017s Breakout Artists Brought Marginalized Identity to the Fore

Broadly Dec 20, 2017

On February 23—the day on which Trump repealed the Obama-implemented order that allowed trans students to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity—LA-based artist Cassils began peeing solely into gallon-size jugs. The performance required the artist, who is trans, to hold their bladder at times, as trans teens at school are often forced to do. After collecting 200 gallons (most of which was stored across LA in various friends’ refrigerators), the artist shipped the urine to New York City and transformed it into a sculpture, pouring it into a glass cube. The golden, glowing block became the centerpiece of Monumental, the artist’s solo show at Ronald Feldman Gallery this fall. The performance was only the most recent manifestation of the artist’s involved practice reflecting on the body as itself a kind of sculpture shaped by violence, social pressures, and personal identity.

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