Yishay Garbasz Artist Re-Creates the Route of her Mother's Footsteps

Thiird Magazine Jun 17, 2017

Yishay Garbasz (b. 1970) is a British-Israeli rooted artist, working and living in Berlin where she moved in 2005, ‘when, as she describes it, there were no buildings like this, everything was dirty and everything was cheap and all the streets were full of dog-shit’. She lived so far in Taiwan,Thailand, Japan, Korea, Israel, America and England.

When finally ‘In my Mother’s Footsteps’ was published (a project Garbasz worked on for nine years), it got nominated for the German Photobook Award. Sadly the project has never been shown in Germany. It has been shown in the Busan Biennale, in the Miami Art Fair, in Tokyo (few times), Seoul, Taiwan, Thailand, New York.

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