Cassils Best of 2017: Our Top 20 Exhibitions Across the United States

Hyperallergic Dec 20, 2017

As part of their solo exhibition, gender nonconforming artist Cassils presented two installations, a live solo performance and, for the first time, a participatory event — all of which relate to the radical impossibility of representing the violence against LGBTQI+ subjects. Their eponymously titled performance included the artist punching a 2,000-pound block of clay in a dark room. The resultant object was bronzed and ultimately would become a focal point for a participatory work that involved the artist (with the help of friends and allies) pushing the amorphous structure around to strategically chosen sites in downtown Omaha, marking violence as well as celebration, such as the location of the first pride parade. Further grounding the exhibition in the context of “flyover country” was the integration of the Queer Omaha Archives into the exhibition.

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