Eleanor Antin Ekstase

Kunstmuseum Stuttgart Sep 28, 2018

Ecstasy is one of the oldest and at the same time most astonishing phenomena of European and non-European cultures. Originally coined in a ritual-religious context, the ecstatic boundary experience was conceptually first grasped in antiquity. Since then it has been an integral part of Western social theories. The definition and evaluation changed and expanded continuously. While ecstasy is primarily favored positively in indigenous cultural spaces and is practiced in the context of ritual acts, it has often been perceived as something threatening in societies dominated by industrialization, capitalism and globalization. Ecstasy here means loss of control and carries the danger of an individual or collective falling outside the norm.profane ecstasies , as they are observed at sporting events, concerts or politically motivated events. In its cultural significance and complexity, ecstasy also found its way into the visual arts, entering into extraordinary relationships with the neighboring disciplines of music and dance.

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