Margaret Harrison Rebel Women: The Great Art Fightback

BBC Four Jun 17, 2018

Margaret Harrison is featured in the BBC documentary Rebel Women: The Great Art Fightback

On both sides of the Atlantic women were tearing up art history, reinventing the arena of art with experimental new mediums and provocative political statements.

In LA, Judy Chicago founded the first feminist art course and told her students to only study work by women. In London, Mary Kelly was causing tabloid outrage by displaying dirty nappies at the ICA, while Margaret Harrison’s depiction of Hugh Heffner as a bunny girl resulted in her exhibition being shut down by police, claiming it was offensive to men.

Alongside interviews with Turner prize winner Lubaina Himid, Suzanne Lacy, Carolee Schneemann, Rose English, Laurie Simmons, and Barbara Kruger, The Great Art Fightback tells the story of these revolutionary artists and celebrate the grit, humour and determination that wrote women back into art history, for good!

View an excerpt from the documentary here