Group Show The Art Of Calling Attention To Genocide

The Jewish Week Apr 24, 2018

At the Janowska concentration camp outside of Lvov in what is now Ukraine, Zeev Porath, who had studied architecture, worked as a slave laborer in a drafting studio. From the window, he witnessed women prisoners being undressed, tortured and killed by the Nazis, and secretly drew the scene. In 1943, he escaped from the camp and eventually made his way to Israel, saving the drawing. For the first time, the skillful line drawing, “Tortures,” is on view in the United States, on loan from the Ghetto Fighters’ House in Israel.

The piece is featured in a groundbreaking multimedia show running through May 12 at the Ronald Feldman Gallery in Soho  “Violated! Women in Holocaust and Genocide” features the work of more than 30 artists, including Holocaust survivors, their close relatives, witnesses and others concerned with the issues, including Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman, Muriel (Nexhnie) Helfman, Shosh Kormosh, Nancy Spero and Linda Stein. Many of the works reflect on the little-discussed subject of sexual violence during the Holocaust, while others address genocide and ethnic cleansing in Bosnia, Darfur, Eritrea, Guatemala, Iraq and Nigeria.

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