Komar & Melamid Acquisition of the Year

Apollo Magazine Nov 25, 2018

A truly remarkable collection of Soviet unofficial art has been donated to the Jane Vorhees Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University. The generous gift by Nancy and the late Norton Dodge includes more than 17,000 artworks in a variety of media. These will complement the already substantial collection of unofficial Soviet works that the couple donated to the Zimmerli almost 30 years ago. Once it is in possession of the entire Dodge Collection, the Zimmerli will hold the works of more than a thousand nonconformist artists who were active in the later years of the Soviet Union’s existence. Extending far beyond the prominent artist circles in Moscow, the Dodge Collection includes hundreds of works produced in Leningrad and other Russian cities, as well as works made by artists working in the 15 former Soviet republics. It is incredibly rare to find an art collection that allows the viewer to understand an entire society through its art, but this is precisely what the Dodge Collection does. This is one of the greatest private art collections to be assembled in the post-war period, and it is by far the most impressive collection of Soviet unofficial art anywhere in the world today.

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