Andy Warhol Warhol in New York: a fresh experience for audiences old and new

THe Business Times Nov 11, 2018

[NEW YORK] His Marilyn Monroe paintings and oversize soup cans are cultural icons, but in an exhibition opening Monday, New York's Whitney Museum hopes to paint a new, more complex picture of Andy Warhol.

These days, few dare to tackle the king of pop art: he has already been the subject of hundreds of exhibitions and retrospectives.

But under the guidance of chief curator Donna De Salvo -- who worked with Warhol before his death in 1987 -- the modern and contemporary art museum is doing just that.

De Salvo believes America's last Warhol retrospective -- in 1989 at New York's Museum of Modern Art -- "changed much of our thinking about Warhol but also left much unanswered."

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