Brandon Ballengée United Nations sounds the alarm on species loss—and artists respond

The Art Newspaper May 28, 2019

Ballengée has found an even more direct way to bring back lost habitats and species. Two years ago, he and his family bought a few acres of soy fields and turned them into their own miniature nature reserve and education centre, planting more than 1,000 native trees and re-establishing a small patch of the “Cajun” prairie land, with the help of hundreds of community members. As this project melds art, science and community activism, it is a homage to many artists and their works including Bonnie Ora Sherk’s “The Farm”, Mel Chin and Rufus Chaney’s “Revival Field”, Alan Sonfist’s “Time Lanscape”, Joseph Beuys “Aktions”, varied projects by Helen and Newton Harrison and others.

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