Margaret Harrison What’s in store at the Armory Show 2019

Apollo Mar 04, 2019

With gleeful exasperation, the late Robert Morris once described the failure of his attempt, in Finch College Project (1969), to achieve the ‘purity of nothingness’. By recording the removal of photographs and mirrors from the walls of a room – and subsequently projecting the footage on to those same walls – Morris had wanted to defeat ‘the tyranny of the image’, but succeeded only in replacing one form of image with another. ‘Erase it on the left,’ as Morris put it, ‘and it pops up on the right.’ Fifty years on from the project’s first performance, and a few months after the artist’s death, it is fitting that Morris’s ‘allegory of loss and memory’ should be restaged by Castelli Gallery at the Armory Show, which returns to Piers 92 & 94 in Manhattan from 7–10 March.

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