Federico Solmi Holly Hager’s 6 Armory Week Paper Picks

Art Zealous Mar 11, 2019

With the beauty of prints at the top of my mind, I couldn’t help but focus on the other works on paper that were shown during Armory week. Here’s a list of my personal favs. I’m not going to lie, they’re not all candy and bubblegum, but they hit me in the gut something powerful.

They’re not in any particular order because art isn’t a zero-sum game. There’s always room for more great work, and all of these are wonderful in their own ways.

1. Federico Solmi’s large-scale, one-of-a-kind books (each contain six acrylic paintings) are some of the most unique works on paper I’ve ever seen. They feel like medieval folios—heavy with paint—yet the pages still turn easily. Solmi’s Counterfeit Heroes series is the newest and frighteningly timely iteration of his many years of work indicting power-hungry politicians and celebritism. His images are the right kind of creepy. He also reminds us of the very real link between our present and our imperial past.

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