Federico Solmi Art Out: American Circus

Musée Magazine Jul 11, 2019

Times Square. Few other places in New York conjure up such strong feelings. For residents, those feelings range from irritation to revulsion. For tourists, it’s a must-see falling somewhere on their itinerary between the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State building. From the unwashed hordes to stores that can be found in any mall to the neon sorcery decking every block, there’s no question that Times Square is a repository of excess in every way. Whether you find it distasteful or endearing, there’s no denying its pull, even if your personal contact with it is limited to TV on New Year’s Eve or, for locals, a train transfer on its many platforms. For better or for worse, Times Square is here to stay. Fortunately for this institution, artist and satirist Federico Solmi believes it can be used for better.

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