Hannah Wilke Richard Saltoun and Catherine McCormack on 100% Women

Ocula Magazine Nov 28, 2019

100% Women is a year-long exhibition programme at Richard Saltoun Gallery in London, focused on the lives and works of female artists. According to the gallery's press release, the programme seeks to 'redress the persistent gender imbalance, whilst cementing its ongoing support of female artists.' Having launched in March 2019 with the first U.K. solo exhibition of performance art pioneer Rose English, titled Form, Feminisms, Femininities, solo presentations by artists including Lili Dujourie, Gina Pane, and Penny Singer have followed suite, along with the group exhibitions Matrescence and Maternality, a two-part presentation curated by author, lecturer, and independent curator, Catherine McCormack. The exhibition title departs from a term coined by anthropologist Dana Raphael in 1973 in an attempt 'to theorise the transformational processes of becoming a mother.'[1]

Additionally, an online exhibition platform was launched to showcase works by both represented and emerging artists to further inclusivity and widen the gallery's digital reach. The first online exhibition, titled Women Artists After Empire and launched in March, was curated by Lynda Morris and featured Eleanor Antin, Sue Atkinson, Helen Chadwick, Greta Schödl, Janette Parris, Carolee Schneeman, Jo Spence, Shelagh Wakely, and Hannah Wilke.s

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