Cassils 10 Highlights from The Armory Show at Piers 90 and 94 in New York

Interior Design Mar 09, 2020

Los Angeles-based Canadian artist Cassils, who goes by singular they pronouns, often challenges perceptions of the male and female form. The Resilience of the 20% (2016) at Ronald Feldman Gallery is an update on the artist’s ongoing Becoming an Image performances, in which they fiercely punch a large clay tower, fighting with the gooey material’s particular resilience with their trans masculine body. Repeating the performance one or two times a year, the artist tracks the change in their stamina due to aging by gradually lessening traces of punches over the clay. The bronze cast replica of the performative sculpture is exhibited in front of a wall-paper installation with images from the performance. The equally ethereal and grandiose sculpture is a testament to queer resilience and survival through physical activism and contemplation.

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