Federico Solmi Onassis USA Announces The Eureka Commissions, A Program Supporting New Projects From 15 Artists

Broadway World Dec 22, 2020

Onassis USA announces the Eureka Commissions, an initiative catalyzing forward-looking, exploratory, interrogative work within a new cultural landscape irrevocably changed by COVID-19 and a society grappling with social and racial injustice.

The Eureka Commissions are an evolution of Onassis' ENTER program in Athens, New York, and Los Angeles, which rapidly responded to a disrupted society, and offered rare glimpses into one another's worlds in the pandemic's early moments of isolation. Between May and July of this year, as projects and funding were halted globally for so many artists, Onassis' ENTER commissioned 50+ artists from around the world to draw on their experience of the pandemic in 120 hours or less. (See full descriptions of the Eureka works below.)

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