Federico Solmi Elga Wimmer Reboots with Art and Politics Online and in Spain

White Hot Magazine Dec 24, 2020

Elga Wimmer has closed her Chelsea gallery and teamed with Berta Sichel, an independent curator in Madrid to curate “Everything Is Art, Everything Is Politics,” a virtual show viewable now that will also manifest physically in 2021 in Spain and probably also New York next year.

Some works of political art are on a first name basis with the public such as Guernica or Piss Christ. Other works are by artists with well known names whose mere signature convey controversy like Robert Mapplethorpe or Pussy Riot. Some political art is elaborate and complicated like Kara Walker's 2014 large-scale public project in the Domino Sugar refinery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, while perhaps the most effective political statement for Jean-Michel Basquiat was simply to scrawl the word “Satchmo” across a canvas or a wall, creating a triangulation between Louis Armstrong’s nickname, his own nom de plume, SAMO and as Klaus Kertess noticed, Little Black Sambo.

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