Nancy Chunn Nancy Chunn featured in Posit Journal

Posit Journal Jan 24, 2024

I’m a content-driven artist. My narrative works on paper and paintings are concerned with political, sociological, and cultural references mingled with humorous commentary and biting critique. In 1996, since it was an election year, I decided to editorialize the front pages of The New York Times for the entire year. After the exhibit at The Ronald Feldman Gallery in New York, Rizzoli published the book Front Pages. My process varies with each series; however, my studio practice seems to remain the same, baroque labor-intensive researching, copying, pasting, printing appropriated and clip art images and drawings to tell the story. I have become chronicler of the times, talking back to power, bitching and complaining by using bright colors, simple drawn images, rubber stamps with words, phrases and images with satire, wit and humor to keep myself sane as I experience the madness and absurdity in the country, world and planet.

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